Consultant for Creator-Owned Small Businesses

Sandra Tayler has been running a small creative business for more than 20 years. During those years she has done the jobs of book keeper, administrator, fulfillment officer, payroll clerk, marketing, and HR manager.

She has also set up, run, and fulfilled multiple crowdfunded projects with funding levels in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and up to 6000 backers.

Sandra understands the unique challenges that come with creative businesses, including fluctuating income, time availability, and creating space for creativity to flourish amid all the business tasks.

Sandra is able to break down the business of writing, crowdfunding, networking, and several other areas of interest to writers and artists, both experienced and just beginning. 

Brian Buhl

If you’re a creator looking to make more space in your life to create, one looking to set up a full business, have an ongoing business seeking to recalibrate, or just looking for help setting up a crowdfunded project, Sandra can help you identify your next steps and how to take them.

Sandra has a knack for cutting to the core of a problem. Her insights into the creative process are unparalleled.

Cedan Bourne

Crowdfunding consultations: $60 per hour. This can include a zoom meeting, correspondence via email, evaluation of your project set up and evaluation of your fulfillment plan. This type of consult can usually be done in two hours.

Creative business consultations: $60 per hour. This includes a forty-five minute consulting session by phone or Zoom. During this time, I will listen to you describe where you are creatively and where you would like to go. If there are multiple people involved in the business or project to be discussed, they may all attend the session. The fee will be invoiced via Paypal at the time of scheduling the session.

Group Consultation: $120 for a two hour block of time for up to 15 people. Often this session is formatted with individual people taking turns talking about their creative challenges while I help troubleshoot and provide additional resources or information. Fee will be invoiced via Paypal in advance of scheduling the session.

Sandra’s advice applies to anyone looking for a creative outlet. I have shared her work with everyone from physicians at my workplace to parents on my children’s sports teams.

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Some possibilities for consulting are:

  • Figuring out how to rearrange your life to make more space for creativity
  • Specifics and basics for starting up a new business including financial management and marketing
  • Blending a creative business with the other aspects of your life such as schooling, parenting, care taking, or a day job
  • Planning for and launching a creative project via crowdfunding, with resources for preparing, running, and fulfilling your crowdfunded project.
  • Discussions on building an audience and managing social media in ways that boost your creative business without impacting your ability to create

To request a consultation, please email sandra.tayler @ gmail.

Scholarships available for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled creators and creators with financial need. I reserve a certain number of consulting slots each month for those who might not otherwise be able to afford a consultation.