Sandra Tayler is a writer, editor, and publisher with credits in over thirty different titles. She is a consistently successful crowdfunder, and has spent the last thirty years managing a household alongside several small businesses. Her latest work-in-progress, STRUCTURING LIFE TO SUPPORT CREATIVITY (crowdfunding in late Spring of 2024, click here to follow the project), is a non-fiction book meant to help writers, artists, and other creatives make more art with less burnout. Sandra lives in Orem with her husband, three cats, a minion, a cryptid, and a family of very demanding scrub jays who insist that Sandra’s only real job is to put peanuts on the deck rail.

Here are some of Sandra’s ongoing roles and projects in list format:

Newsletter: One of the best ways to know what all Sandra’s projects are is to subscribe to her newsletter. It goes out once per month and contains a short letter of thoughts, progress updates on projects, and any announcements or appearances: https://emailoctopus.com/lists/1978c760-f9d9-11ea-a3d0-06b4694bee2a/forms/subscribe

Books: Sandra has written picture books, short stories, RPG books, essay books, and she has lots more books she wants to write. You can buy many of them here: https://shop.schlockmercenary.com/collections/by-sandra

Patreon: This is a way for people to provide support if they enjoy the work that Sandra does. https://www.patreon.com/SandraTayler

Co-owner of Tayler Corporation and Hypernode Media: The primary business is a small press specializing in works created by Howard and Sandra Tayler. You can find our books here: https://shop.schlockmercenary.com/

Collaboration: Sandra has a long time collaborator and life partner in Howard Tayler. They have been running a business together since Schlock Mercenary launched in June 2000. Schlock Mercenary is the best known work and can be read for free at https://www.schlockmercenary.com/

Blog: One Cobble doesn’t have a particular topic or theme other than “I was thinking about this” or “I have a story to tell.” If you want blog entries mailed to you, there is a handy sign up form on the right hand side of the page. https://www.onecobble.com/

Consulting: Sandra has a lot of experience running a creator-owned small business that uses crowdfunding. She has also assisted several non-profits in running online fundraisers. If you’d like to have her look at your business or crowdfunding plan, she loves helping people succeed at their projects. https://www.sandratayler.com/index.php/consulting/

Teaching: Sandra doesn’t have a regular schedule for when or where she teaches. Sometimes it is online sometimes in person at conferences or events. The best way to be alerted is to sign up for Sandra’s newsletter or join her Patreon. If you have an event or group you’d like Sandra to teach to, please contact her and we can make it happen. https://www.sandratayler.com/index.php/contact/

Community Building: Sandra actively runs and builds several Discord communities and communities via Zoom. If you are looking to connect with other creatives and need help doing that, you can contact Sandra.  (Or sign up for my newsletter or Patreon.) https://www.sandratayler.com/index.php/contact/

Event Organization: Sandra is part of the team that runs the Writing Excuses Retreats. http://writingexcusesretreat.com/ She has also helped run Teen Author Boot Camp, several gala dinners, and other events.